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Appendix A - Control Subfields

MARC 21 Holdings
October 2004

Subfield Codes
$5 - Institution to which Field Applies (NR)
$6 - Linkage
$8 - Field Link and Sequence Number

Descriptions of three subfields that are used to link field data to specific institutions or to other fields. These subfields are defined for several ($5 (Institution to which field applies)) or most ($6 (Linkage), $8 (Field link and sequence number)) fields in the format, thus their descriptions are brought together in this appendix. The subfields are included in field level subfield lists wherever they are defined, with pointers to this appendix.


$5 - Institution to which Field Applies
MARC code of the institution or organization that holds the copy to which the data in the field applies. It is used for institution-specific information that may or may not apply to the universal use of the holdings record. See Organization Code Sources for a listing of organization code sources used in MARC 21 records.
583 ##$aQueued for preservation;$c19861010;$ePriority;$fTitle IIC project$5DLC
$6 - Linkage
Data that links fields that are different script representations of each other. Subfield $6 may contain the tag number of an associated field, an occurrence number, a code that identifies the first script encountered in a left-to-right scan of the field, and an indication that the orientation for a display of the field data is right-to-left. A regular (non-880) field may be linked to one or more 880 fields that all contain different script representations of the same data. Subfield $6 is structured as follows:
$6<linking tag>-<occurrence number>/<script identification code>/<field orientation code>
Subfield $6 is always the first subfield in the field.
Descriptions of multiscript record models, with examples, are in Multiscript Records; specifications for field 880 are under that field; specifications for character sets and repertoires for scripts are found in MARC 21 Specifications for Record Structure, Character Sets, and Exchange Media.
Linking tag part contains the tag number of the associated field and is always three characters in length. This part is followed immediately by a hyphen and the two-digit occurrence number part. A different occurrence number is assigned to each set of associated fields within a single record. The function of an occurrence number is to permit the matching of the associated fields (not to sequence the fields within the record). An occurrence number may be assigned at random for each set of associated fields. An occurrence number of less than two digits is right justified and the unused position contains a zero.
When there is no associated field to which a field 880 is linked, the occurrence number in subfield $6 is 00. It is used if an agency wants to separate scripts in a record (see Multiscript Records). The linking tag part of subfield $6 will contain the tag that the associated regular field would have had if it had existed in the record.
852 4#$6880-01$a[Location in Latin script]
880 2#$6852-01/(2/r$a[Location in Hebrew script linked to associated field]
Occurrence number is followed immediately by a slash (/) and the script identification code. This code identifies the alternate script found in the field. The following codes are used:
Code Script
(3 Arabic
(B Latin
$1 Chinese, Japanese, Korean
(N Cyrillic
(S Greek
(2 Hebrew
880 1#$6852-01/(N$a[Location in Cyrillic script]
[The (N identifies the Basic Cyrillic character set.]
The entire field need not be in the script identified in subfield $6. If more than one script is present in the field, subfield $6 will contain the identification of the first alternate script encountered in a left-to-right scan of the field.
Note also that the script identification code is used in field 880, subfield $6, but this data element is not generally used for subfield $6 of the associated regular field. In the associated field, the data is assumed to be the primary script(s) for the record.
In a MARC record, the contents of field 880 are always recorded in their logical order, from the first character to the last, regardless of field orientation. For a display of the field, the default field orientation is left-to-right. When the field contains text that has a right-to-left orientation, the script identification code is followed by a slash (/) and the field orientation code. The MARC field orientation code for right-to-left scripts is the letter r. The orientation code is only included in fields with right-to-left orientation, since left-to-right orientation is the default orientation in 880 fields. (See MARC 21 Specifications for Record Structure, Character Sets, and Exchange Media for a detailed description of field orientation.)
880 1#$6852-01/(2/r$h[Call number in Hebrew script]
[The r indicates the right-to-left orientation of the Hebrew script.]
Note that the orientation code is used in field 880, subfield $6, but this data element is not generally used for subfield $6 of the associated regular field. In the associated field, the data is assumed to be the usual orientation of the primary script(s) for the record.
$8 - Field Link and Sequence Number
Data that identifies linked fields and may also propose a sequence for the linked fields. Subfield $8 may be repeated to link a field to more than one other group of fields. The structure and syntax for the field link and sequence number subfield is:
$8<linking number>.<sequence number>\<field link type>
Linking number is the first data element in the subfield and required if the subfield is used. It is a variable-length whole number that occurs in subfield $8 in all fields that are to be linked. Fields with the same linking number are considered linked.
Sequence number is separated from the linking number by a period "." and may be optional. It is a variable- length whole number that may be used to indicate the relative order for display of the linked fields (lower sequence numbers displaying before higher ones). If it is used it must occur in all $8 subfields containing the same linking number.
Field link type is separated from preceding data by a reverse slash “\”. It is a code indicating the reason for the link and it follows the link number or sequence number if present. In the absence of a field link type, it is assumed that subfield $8 is used for linking and sequencing 85X, 86X, or 87X fields (captions, enumeration and chronology, textual holdings, and/or item information). Subfield $8 is essential to link and order these fields.
The following one-character field link type codes have been defined in MARC for use in subfield $8:
a - Action
Used in a record to link one or more fields with another field to which the processing or reference actions relate. This code is typically used only when there is more than one 5XX that relates to another 5XX field.
541 ##$81.1\a$3Public School and College Authority and Trade School and Junior College Authority project files$aFinance Dept.$cTransferred
583 ##$81.2\a$aAppraised$c198712-$ltjb/prr
583 ##$81.3\a$aScheduled$c19880127$ksrc/prr
583 ##$81.4\a$aArranged$c19900619$kmc/dmj
583 ##$81.5\a$aProcessed level 2$b90.160$c19901218$kmc/dmj
x - General sequencing
Used in a record to make a link between fields to show a sequence between them. The sequence could be one that orders the pieces of a long field that has been broken up, indicates the relative importance of fields within the sequence, or is used for some other sequencing purpose. Use of the sequence number in $8 is required when this code is used.
Note that subfield $8 is defined differently in field 852 where it is used to sequence related holdings records. See the description of field 852, subfield $8 for more information.
583 ##$81.2$aExhibit$c1982/12/01 through 1982/03/01$jMuseum of Fine Arts
876 ##$81.2$aXAX1222-1$pA1234567
853 03$81$aBd.$i(year)
853 03$82$an.F:Bd$i(year)
863 30$81.1$a1-21$i1911-1923/1924
863 30$82.1$a1-25$i1925/1926-1942/1943
[Linking numbers 1 and 2 link each 853 field to its associated 863 field.]
853 00$81$ano.$i(year)$j(month)
863 40$81.1$a180-226$i1976-1981
863 44$81.2$a228
863 40$81.3$a230$i1982$jApr.
863 40$81.4$a235$i1982$jDec.
863 40$81.5$a237$i1983$jMar.
863 40$81.6$a239-242$i1983$jJune-Oct.
[Incremented decimal sequence numbers added to the linking number in multiple 863 fields associated with a single field 853 (when the display captions are constant) assist in appropriate sequencing of the 863 fields.]
853 20$81$av.$bno.$u12$vr$i(year)$j(month)
863 40$81.1$a108$b1-6$i1989$j1-6
863 40$81.2$a108$b7-12$i1989$j7-12
863 40$81.3$a109$b1-6$i1990$j1-6
863 40$81.4$a109$b7-12$i1990$j7-12
876 ##$81.1$aAAA1000-1-1$pA1481283827
876 ##$81.2$aAAA1000-1-3$pA1481283831
876 ##$81.3$aAAA1000-1-2$jLost$pA1481283845
876 ##$81.4$aAAA1000-1-5$pA1481283863
[The whole link and sequence number links the item fields to the appropriate 863 field.]
Application of Subfield $8 for Fields 866-868 (Textual Holdings)
Subfield $8 contains data that links related 853-868 holdings data fields. Only a linking number is used in the Textual Holdings fields to include whether the field is:
Linking number used in subfield $8 is determined by the following conditions:
Linking number is 0
Holdings are recorded only in a 866-868 Textual Holdings field. No 853-855 Captions and Pattern and 863-865 Enumeration and Chronology fields occur in the holdings statement.
867 31$80$a”Teacher’s guide” pt. A-B
Holdings data are recorded in the linked 853-855 Captions and Pattern/863-865 Enumeration and Chronology fields but the display form of the holdings is recorded in a Textual Holdings field.
853 20$81$a[captions and pattern]
853 20$82$a[captions and pattern]
853 20$83$a[captions and pattern]
863 43$81.1$a[enumeration and chronology]
863 43$82.1$a[enumeration and chronology]
863 43$82.2$a[enumeration and chronology]
863 43$83.1$a[enumeration and chronology]
866 40$80$a[textual holdings for display]
[No display is generated from any of the 853/863 fields. Field 866 replaces all of the 853/863 fields for display purposes.]
Linking number is the same as the linking number in the linked 853-855 and 863-865 fields
One or more portions of the holdings data recorded in the 853-855 Captions and Pattern/863-865 Enumeration and Chronology fields is also recorded in an 866-868 Textual Holdings field to provide an alternative form for display purposes. The linking number in subfield $8 must match the linking number in subfield $8 of the linked 853-855/863-865 fields that the 866-868 field replaces. The content of a Textual Holdings field must replace all of the Enumeration and Chronology fields linked to a Captions and Pattern field.If multiple Captions and Pattern/Enumeration Chronology fields that have consecutive linking numbers are to be replaced for display purposes by a single Textual Holdings field, subfield $8 may be repeated in Textual Holdings field to record the linking number of each of the Captions and Pattern/Enumeration and Chronology fields to be replaced.
855 20$81$a[captions and pattern]
855 20$82$a[captions and pattern]
855 20$83$a[captions and pattern]
855 20$84$a[captions and pattern]
865 43$81.1$a[enumeration and chronology]
865 43$82.1$a [enumeration and chronology]
865 43$83.1$a[enumeration and chronology]
865 40$84.1$a[enumeration and chronology]
868 40$82$83$a[textual holdings for display]
[Field 868 replaces the 855/865 fields having linking numbers 2 and 3. No display is generated from those fields.]
Optionally, separate 866-868 Textual Holdings fields, each with one subfield $8, may be used instead of a single 866-868 field with multiple subfields $8.
Linking number is unique and sequences the holdings data with the enumeration and chronology of the 863-865 fields
When part of the holdings data is recorded in the 853-855 Captions and Pattern/863-865 Enumeration and Chronology fields and part is recorded in the Textual Holdings fields, displays may be generated from both types of fields. This situation may occur when the holdings are extremely complex or the publication pattern varies greatly for only a certain period of time. A unique whole number is used as the linking number in the Textual Holdings field to sequence the field among the linking numbers used in the 853-855/863-865 fields according to the enumeration and chronology recorded in each field.
855 20$81$a[captions and pattern]
855 20$83$a[captions and pattern]
865 40$81.1$a[enumeration and chronology]
865 40$83.1$a[enumeration and chronology]
868 41$82$a[textual holdings]
[The enumeration/chronology of the holdings recorded in field 868 falls between the fields with linking numbers 1 and 3. A display may be generated from all of the fields.]


$8 - Field Link and Sequence Number
a - Action [NEW, 2004]
x - General sequencing [NEW, 2004]

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