The Shaky Vacation

The twins thought visiting Southern California during their summer vacation was a great idea. Their Uncle James lived there and they could visit the ocean.

"We can see movie stars in Hollywood and visit amusement parks, too," shouted Julia.

"Let's go!" Robbie jumped up and down with excitement. Their Mom and Dad smiled and said they'd make the plans.

Two weeks later, they were all on a plane to Los Angeles, which Julia didn't like much, but which Robbie thought was "as fun as a rollercoaster."

Their Uncle James picked them up from the airport and took them straight to his house, since they were so tired.

"Take a nap," he said, "Then I'll show you around."

"We don't take naps," said Julia, even as her eyes closed. The twins slept for a few hours and then awoke, ready to explore. Their parents had gone to the ocean and they were glad to be with Uncle James by themselves.


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