Utah Wilderness Inventory


The Utah Wilderness Inventory was conducted by the Bureau of Land Management between 1996 and 1999 to determine whether certain public lands in Utah possess wilderness characteristics. Details regarding the purpose of the inventory and procedures that were used are provided in the Introduction section and Appendices. Links to short narrative reports of findings as well as maps of specific inventoried lands may be found under the List of Inventory Units section. If you do not have a copy of the Adobe Acrobat Reader software described below, you will need to download a copy and install it so your browser can access the information in the files at this site.


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Table of Contents     PDF  127k
Letter of Transmittal     PDF  87k
Memorial of Rod Schipper     PDF  75k
Introduction     PDF  255k
List of Inventory Units  
Utah State Map     PDF  1,290k
Acreage Summary Table     PDF  100k
Wilderness Evaluation Criteria    
PDF  90k
Inventory Team/Core Personnel    
PDF  72k
Glossary of Terms    
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Alphabetical Index to Wilderness Inventory Units    
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Photo Pages
Cover and Preliminary Pages    
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PDF  209k
Page vi    
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Page xvi    
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