It's Hurricane Season

Julia and Robbie's mother sighed as she packed the last of their clothes. She pushed down on the suitcase to make it close and she snapped the latch.

"I'm almost afraid to plan a vacation," she said. "You two are Double Trouble."

"Don't be mad at us," Julia pleaded.

"It wasn't our fault there was an earthquake when we visited Uncle James," said Robbie. He was eating a peanut butter sandwich and he talked with his mouth full. Julia giggled.

"And it wasn't our fault that the Acorn River flooded when we visited Grandma," said Julia.

"Of course it wasn't your fault and I'm not mad," their mother said. She leaned down and wiped the crumbs from Robbie's mouth. "But everywhere you go something seems to happen."

Julia nodded. She knew it was true. In addition to the earthquake and the flood, a tornado had nearly hit their town.

"But this time will be different," said Julia.

"I can't wait to see what Florida looks like," said Robbie.

It was a long drive to Florida and their father kept them busy by asking them hurricane questions. The twins had studied hurricanes at school.


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