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About DCMR

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management's Division of Complaints Management and Resolution (DCMR) is responsible for managing all aspects of the EEO complaints process. The DCMR manages the pre-complaint and formal complaints processes for all NIH current or former employees and job applicants. The DCMR works to ensure equal opportunity and accessibility for users of programs and services operated or funded by the National Institutes of Health (NIH).


The DCMR is responsible for providing leadership, guidance and action for the NIH discrimination complaint process in compliance with the provisions of EEO laws/regulations.


Our vision is to promote Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO), to protect the integrity of the EEO process and champion diversity within the National Institutes of Health.

The OEODM vision statement clearly articulates its commitment to equal employment opportunity and diversity management in all aspects of employment at the NIH. Realizing this vision will result in an NIH that reflects the faces of the people we serve.


  1. Provide leadership in policy development or changes to current NIH policies and procedures in the area of the discrimination complaints process and resolution.
  2. Provide guidance and oversight for NIH complaints processing.
  3. Provide EEO counseling to all aggrieved employees who seek to address their concerns regarding discrimination or complaints.
  4. Manage the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) and counseling programs in the complaint process.
  5. Monitor and review the complaint management tracking system to ensure proper processing of complaints.
  6. Monitor discrimination complaints at NIH to identify patterns of discrimination and conduct data analysis on trends in filing and resolving similar complaints.
  7. Prepare responses to all incoming and congressional inquiries about EEO complaints.
  8. Serve as the NIH focal point for coordinating administrative matters and responses relating to the Office of Personnel Management, EEO Commission, Merit System Protection Board, and the DHHS Office of General Counsel.
  9. Manage the formal complaints process for all NIH components.

DCMR Staff Directory

The DCMR Customer Service Hotline is 301.496.6301.

For deaf, hard of hearing or speech impaired customers please dial 301.496.9755 (TTY).

Our Office Hours are from 7:30 A.M. to 4:30 P.M. Monday-Friday

Name Title Phone
Sheila Stokes, Esq. DCMR Director 301.496.9013

Case Management Title Phone
Michael Chew EEO Specialist 301.402.3681
Laura Colon-Marrero EEO Specialist 301.496.4627
Danny Dickerson EEO Specialist 301.594.8401
Karen Duran EEO Specialist 301.402.7049
Janette Gabriel EEO Specialist 301.402.7048
Jerry Garmany EEO Specialist 301-496-9100 (TTY)
through Maryland
Relay Service at 711
Sonia Gaskin EEO Specialist 301.402.3687

Support Staff Title Phone
Dawn Henderson EEO Assistant 301.594.3591
Chinara Brown Office Automation Assistant 301.496.7071

NIH Collateral Duty EEO Counselors

Note: An EEO counselor will be assigned upon your initial contact with DCMR or submission of an Intake form for filing an EEO Pre-complaint.

Contact Us:

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National Institutes of Health
Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management
Division of Complaints Management and Resolution
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