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Hispanic Employee Committee

I. Authority

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) Hispanic Employee Committee (HEC) is established by authority of the Director of NIH. It operates under theses procedures and is consistent with the efforts promoted through Executive Order 11478; U.S. Office of Personnel Management Federal Personnel Manual, Chapter 713; U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission Management Directive 714, and other statutes and regulations that govern NIH's equal opportunity program. Its purpose is to assist all levels of management to create an environment that is conducive to the recognition, development, promotion, understanding, and utilization of each employee's abilities, skills, and knowledge in order to achieve maximum productivity. The sponsoring organization is the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management (OEODM).

II. Objectives

The committee is charged with:

    1. Providing advice, guidance, and recommendations to the Director, OEODM in planning, implementing, monitoring, and evaluating NIH's initiatives on the employment and advancement of Hispanic employees in the NIH workplace.
    2. Suggest ideas and solutions regarding issues affecting Hispanic employees in the workplace.
    3. Through the Director, OEODM, examine and assist management on policies and programs concerning Hispanic employees at NIH.

III. Membership

    1. The Hispanic Emphasis Program Manager (HEPM) and the Director, OEODM will nominate members to the committee. The Director, OEODM will appoint committee members. The HEPM will provide guidance and work in conjunction with the committee members.
    2. Members will serve no more than two consecutive terms. The committee structure and selection process will be addressed by the HEPM. The Director, OEODM and the HEPM will monitor committee effectiveness. When the two-year term expires, the HEPM will provide a list of nominees for the Director, OEODM’s consideration.
    3. Consideration will be given to a representation of a broad range of employees, job titles, and ICs, which will include individuals holding management and non-management positions.

IV. Committee Functions

The committee will have a wide range of functions, which may include:

    1. Recommending actions to improve performance in implementing the Affirmative Employment Plan (AEP) plan to the Director, OEODM.
    2. Assessing NIH's barriers to the employment, promotion, and advancement of Hispanic employees, including access to programs and activities, and developing recommendations for the elimination of these barriers.
    3. Receiving, considering, and transmitting, as appropriate, proposals, statements of issues in ICs, and other recommendations of persons on matters relating to the employment of Hispanic employees. These issues will normally be NIH-wide in scope or encompass more than one IC.
    4. Maintaining liaison with similar committees at NIH and other Operating Divisions (OPDIVs) at the DHHS.
    5. Meeting on a regular basis with the HEPM and the Director, OEODM and other program managers to discuss issues and efforts to address these issues.
    6. Evaluating the effectiveness of the committee's structure and activities, reporting to the Director, OEODM and recommending continuation, termination, or any changes considered desirable in the role and structure of the committee.

V. Committee Chair

The committee will be chaired by the NIH HEPM. A vice-chair from among its members may be elected. The Vice-Chair will serve for a period of one year. The same individual may not serve as vice-chair for more than two consecutive years.

VI. Committee Meetings (Frequency and Absences)

Initially, meetings will be held once a month. After the committee is fully established, its members will determine the frequency of the meetings. Meetings of sub-committees will be on an as-needed basis. If a member misses three consecutive meetings or four meetings over the course of 12 months, the committee may remove the individual by a vote of the majority of the committee.

VII. Filling Vacancies

Vacancies occurring on the committee for any reason will be filled in the same manner as originally filled. That is, individuals will be nominated by the HEPM and selection made by the Director, OEODM. The vacancy will be filled until the expiration of the appointment of the vacating member, at which time the new member may be reappointed to serve a full term. If the initial appointment was for a period of eight months or less, the new member can then be reappointed for a second full term.

VIII. Committee Duration

The committee will be a standing committee of indefinite duration with continuance dependent on the annual evaluation and approval of the Director, OEODM.

IX. Sub-Committees

The committee may form such sub-committees as it considers necessary, on a continuing or ad hoc basis to address specific items such as employment, training, attitudinal barriers, career development, recruitment, merit promotion, special events committee membership, etc., or specific problems or issues as they arise.

X. Committee Support

The HEPM, Office of Equal Opportunity Programs, will be responsible for management control and logistical support functions for the committee. The HEPM may have assistance from other OEODM staff with their supervisor's approval. This individual will also serve as Executive Secretary to the committee.

XI. Committee Operating Procedures Amendments

These procedures will remain in effect until revised by the committee with a majority vote of the membership and final approval by the Director, OEODM.

Hispanic Employee Committee Members:

Milton Belardo, Esq., OD/OEODM, Chair
Ana Anders, NIDA
Christina Bruce, NCI/ODEP
Dr. Carlos Caban, OD/OER/OEP
Dr. Teresa Chapa, NCMHD
Dr. Marta Leon-Monzon, OD/OAR
Dr. Ernest Marquez, NIMH
Dr. Ricardo Martinez, NIDCR
Robert Miranda-Acevedo, NIAMS
Levon Parker, NINDS
Jose Rosado-Santiago, CC/SWD
Sara Rosario, NIDA
Dr. Juan Ramos, NIMH
Cyrus Salazar, OD/OHR
Christine Steyer, OD/OHR