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HEP Overview

The NIH Hispanic Employment Program Overview


Correct the underrepresentation and underutilization of Hispanics at all levels of the NIH.


  • Ensure that Hispanics are proactively recruited in order to fill vacant positions at all levels of the NIH.
  • Create a workplace environment where Hispanics are valued.
  • Increase the number of Hispanics at all levels of the NIH workforce.

Strategic Focus: Education

  • Ensure that prospective Hispanic applicants are aware of the NIH as an employer of choice and of the opportunities for Hispanics.
  • Ensure that Hispanic employees are fully developed and prepared to assume positions of greater responsibility.
  • Ensure that the NIH is aware of the culture, concerns, and issues of its Hispanic employees, patients, and the Hispanic community it serves.

Strategic Focus: Partnerships

  • Establish cooperative relationships with both internal and external organizations in order to respond to the mission and goals of the NIH.
  • Ensure that the HEP directly influences outcomes to NIH core activities.

Strategic Focus: Communication

  • Communicate the activities and initiatives of the HEP NIH-wide and to external organizations.
  • Create the image of the NIH as the premier employer of choice for all demographic groups.

Core Functions

Outreach and Recruitment

  • Identify opportunities
  • Identify target areas
  • Identify outreach activities
  • Establish communication plan
  • Implement outreach activities
  • Follow up


  • Exit Research
    • Monitor exit and mobility trends
    • Conduct research and studies
  • Workplace Issues
    • Language
    • Benefits
    • Workplace environment
    • Benchmarking


  • Identification of high potential employees.
  • Assist employees with career planning and development actions.
  • Help identify internal and external learning opportunities and institutions.