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Members of the NIH Federal Women’s Program

Member Institute Title Phone
Joan Schwartz OD Assistant Director, Office of Intramural Research 301.496.1248
Sherrie Davis NICHD Equal Employment Opportunity Officer 301.496.2153
Angela Bates OD Program Analyst 301.402.1770
Glenda Keen OD Staff Assistant 301.435.5570
Helene Noble OD Director, Division of Employee Relations and Training 301.402.4251
Angela Magliozzi NIAID Women's Health Program Manager 301.496.1642
Christine Bachrach NICHD Chief, Demographic and Behavioral Sciences Branch 301.496.1174
Janie Brown OD Program Assistant 301.402.3663
Molly Gleeson OD Management Analyst/Federal Women's Program Manager 301.451.9692
Joan Brogan OD Deputy Director, Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management 301.402.6583
Kim Westervelt OD HR Management Specialist 301.402.7999
Rosalin Clipper NHLBI Deputy for Special Concerns Manager 301.496.1763