DCCPS - Dr. Robert Croyle, Director, Deputy Director for Research Dissemination and Diffusion (Acting) Office of Cancer Survivorship - Dr. Julia H. Rowland, Director Epidemiology & Genetics Research Program - Dr. Deborah M. Winn, Associate Director (Acting) Behavioral Research Program - Dr. Robert Croyle, Associate Director (Acting) Applied Research Branch - Dr. Rachel Ballard-Barbash, Associate Director Surveillance Research Program - Dr. Brenda K . Edwards, Associate Director Methods and Technologies Branch - Dr. Mukesh Verma, Chief Applied Cancer Screening Research Branch - Dr. Stephen Taplin, Chief (Acting) Health Services Economics Branch - Dr. Martin Brown, Chief Cancer Statistics Branch - David Stinchcomb, Chief Modifiable Risk Factors Branch - Dr. Britt Reid, 
Chief Host Susceptibility Branch - Dr. Mukesh Verma, Chief (Acting) Clinical and Translational Branch Dr. Deborah M. Winn, Chief (Acting) Basic Behavioral & Research Branch - Dr. Paige McDonald, Chief Outcomes Research Branch - Dr. Steven Clauser, Chief Statistical Research Branch & Applications - Dr. Eric Feuer, Chief Risk Factor Monitoring & Methods Branch - Dr. Susan Krebs-Smith, Chief Health Communication & Informatics Research Branch - Dr. Bradford Hesse, Chief Health Promotion Research Branch - Dr. Linda Nebeling, Chief Tobacco Control Research Branch - Dr. Cathy Backinger, Chief