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Functional Statements

The NIH Office of Management Assessment maintains the official functional statements for all NIH organizations. The OEODM's functional statements are as follows:

The NIH Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management (OEODM) - HNAD

(1) Serves as the focal point for NIH-wide policy, formulation, implementation, coordination and management of the civil rights, equal opportunity, affirmative employment, and workforce diversity programs of the NIH under the delegated authority from the NIH Director; (2) advises the NIH Director and staff on equal employment opportunity (EEO); (3) directs EEO management services; (4) provides NIH leadership and planning on EEO program development, and other functions; and (5) conducts studies and makes recommendations to senior NIH management for new or redirected EEO efforts, programs, and policies, as appropriate.

Division of Program Evaluation - HNAD6

Responsible for the overall management and evaluation of the NIH EEO and Diversity Programs and assesses NIH compliance with all EEO statutory, regulatory, and public requirements.

Division of Policy Planning, Programs and Diversity Management - HNAD5

Serves as a consultant to NIH management and IC officials in all areas of equal opportunity, civil rights, affirmative employment, corporate outreach and recruitment, special emphasis programs and diversity management.

Division of IC Services - HNAD7

Responsible for providing day-to-day operations and support to the NIH and ICs in the overall management of the EEO and Diversity Programs, specifically responsible for serving as liaison to each IC regarding all aspects of the EEO and Diversity Programs.

Division of Complaints Management and Resolution – HNAD2

(1) Responsible for managing all aspects of the EEO complaints process, specifically, manages the pre-complaint process, including EEO counselor assignments, counseling, ADR, and pre-complaint reporting requirements; and (2) manages all aspects of the formal complaints process for all NIH components, ensures investigations are conducted, reviews investigative files, prepares appropriate documents and coordinates hearing requests.