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IC EEO Specialists

IC EEO Specialists
Name Title Phone
Butler, Sharrell Director, IC Services Division 301.402.4157
Burnett, Jesse CSR/CIT 301.443.3701
Callahanhenson, Jayne Special Assistant To The Director 301.496.7478
Curtis-Farrell, Margarite NCI 301.435.1279
Eades, Sharon NIDCR/NIDA/NHLBI 301.443.3761
Ford, Kimberlee T. Program Analyst 301.451.0834
Hefley, Yvonne NIAID 301.496.2938
Ivanoff, Virginia NIEHS/NIDCD 919.541.3675
King, Sandra EEO Assistant 301.443.3491
Lancaster, Tina NIDDK/NIAAA/NICHD 301.443.2193
McKune, Alma Program Assistant 301.496.4547
Okwaro, Mary OD/ORS 301.496.1989
Oliver, Pamela NLM/NIGMS/NCRR 301.594.2664
Smith, Andre CC/FIC/NCCAM 301.451.0854
Vasquez, Aurelio EEO Assistant 301.594.5159
Williams, Carolyn NIA/NIAMS/NIBIB 301.443.3629
Wright, Rose NEI/NINDS/NHGRI 301.443.3596

Special Emphasis Program Managers
Name Title Phone
Basnight, Karen Team Leader , Outreach and Recruitment/Special Emphasis Programs 301.402.0131
Banks, Tyrone Asian/Pacific Islander and Black employment Program Manager (Acting) 301.451.0748
Coleman, Carlton Disability Employment Program Manager 301.496.2906
Curtis-Farrell, Margarite Federal Women's Program Manager (Acting) 301.435.1279
Haley, Jennifer EEO Assistant 301.435.8260
Hefley, Yvonne American Indian/Alaskan Native Employment Program Manager (Acting) 301.496.2938
Johnson, Kay Minority-Serving Institutions Program Manager 301.451.0859