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Patricia Dierisseau

Patricia Dierisseau joined our laboratory in 1998. She investigated with Kay-Uwe Wagner and studied the sequence, cellular localization and functional role of the TSG101 protein. Furthermore, she has participated on a project involving the function of Bcl-x during spermatogenesis and testes development. Patricia also worked on the JAK-STAT pathway and its numerous downstream interactions and functions.

Patricia left our laboratory in May of 1999 to enter Medical School at Wake Forest University.

Publications while at LGP

PubMed search

1. Rucker, E., Dierisseau, P., Wagner, K.-U., Garrett, L., Wynshaw-Boris, A., Flaws, J. and Hennighausen, L., (2000). Bcl-x and Bax regulate mouse primordial germ cell survival and apoptosis during embryogenesis. Mol. Endo., 7, 1038-1052.

2. Wagner, K.-U., Dierisseau, P. and Hennighausen, L. (1999). Assigment of the murine tumor susceptibility gene 101 (tsg101) and a processed tsg101 pseudogene (tsg101-ps1) to mouse chromosome 7 band B5 and chromosome 15 band D1 by in situ hybridization. Cytogenet. Cell Genet. 84, 87-88.

3. Wagner, K.-U., Dierisseau, P., Rucker, III, E.B., Robinson, G.W. and Hennighausen, L. (1998). Genomic architecture and transcriptional activation of the mouse and human tumor susceptibility gene TSG101: Common types of shorter transcripts are true alternative splice variants. Oncogene, 17, 2761-2770.

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