NIDDK New PI's Workshop NIDDK New PI's Workshop NIDDK New PI's Workshop NIDDK New PI's Workshop NIDDK New PI's Workshop
NIDDK New PI's Workshop NIDDK New PI's Workshop
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NIDDK New PI's Workshop NIDDK New PI's Workshop
On November 17 and 18, 2008, the National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases (NIDDK) will host a workshop in Bethesda, MD, for "New PI's" (first-time R01 grantees).

The NIDDK recognizes that "New PI's" are at a critical juncture in their research careers and that the success of first R01 projects likely will have considerable impact on the future careers of "New PI's" as independent investigators. This workshop is intended to provide "New PI's" with practical information and networking opportunities that could be helpful to their ongoing work and enhance their future success.

At the workshop, "New PI's" will have an opportunity to present and discuss the progress of their research with NIDDK Program Directors as well as with fellow "New PI" grantees working in similar areas of research. "New PI's" will be able to discuss pitfalls, challenges, and successes they have encountered in establishing and conducting their research, and network with peers. In addition, the workshop will provide "New PI's" with an opportunity to learn about successful strategies to best administer, maintain, and expand their research programs and to sustain research funding support from a panel of experienced and seasoned investigators. The workshop also will include practical advice from experienced study section chairs on the most common errors made in renewal applications, as well as tips on how to write successful competing applications.

Because space at the workshop is limited, "New PI's" invited to attend this workshop are encouraged to register as soon as possible if they wish to participate. Funding support to cover travel costs will be provided to all "New PI's" who attend the workshop through supplements to their R01 grants.

Further information about the workshop can be obtained by contacting:

Michelle Watson, Senior Conference Manager, The Scientific Consulting Group, Inc. Telephone: (301) 670-4990; E-mail:

or a member of the NIDDK "New PI" Workshop planning committee:

Mary Evans (DDN),
Carol Haft (DEM),
Mary Horlick (DDN),
Chris Ketchum (KUH),
Judy Podskalny (DDN),
Daniel Wright (KUH)

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