NIH Special Employment Committees Return

NIH Record News Brief
Vol. LV, No. 5
March 4, 2003

The Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity Management has reestablished the special emphasis programs employment committees. Operating under Executive Order 11478, EEO Commission management directive 714 and other regulations that govern NIH's equal opportunity program, the committees are responsible for providing advice, guidance and recommendations to the OEODM director on employment and advancement of special populations of employees in the NIH workplace. Each committee has a common goal of assisting OEODM in maintaining an environment that is conducive to the recognition, development, promotion, understanding and utilization of employee abilities, skills and knowledge to achieve maximum productivity.

Committees and their current chairs include the American Indian/Alaskan Native employment council, Frank GrayShield, NHLBI; Asian American/Pacific Islander employment committee, Dr. Bill Bunnag, CSR; Black employment committee, Zita Givens, NIA; employees council on disAbilities, Theresa Oliver, NIMH; Federal Women's Program Network, Joan Brogan, OEODM, acting chair; and Hispanic employment committee, Eddie Ribas, OD/OHR.