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NIH Record  
Vol. LVII, No. 25
December 16, 2005
The Shot Heard 'Round the Campus: NIH Flu Clinic Immunizes Thousands
NIDA Video Warns of HIV Danger
Genetic Link to Mental Illness Is Tough to Tease Out
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Identifying the 'Next Big Thing' in Science
New NIH Portfolio Analysis Office To Provide 'Incubator Space' for Novel Ideas
What if NIH could peer into a crystal ball and effectively attack the next global health woe 10 or 15 years in advance? How much of a health dividend could the nation collect later if the agency could invest now in some clever — but hard-to-fit-into-any-IC — research project? In the wake of Roadmap success, NIH will attempt to answer such questions as it launches the Office of Portfolio Analysis and Strategic Initiatives (OPASI), which will transform the way NIH finds and funds cutting-edge research.

Consumer Misperceptions About Tobacco Still Abound, Says Cummings
Okay, you're at NIH, and the learned professor comes to town to deliver the lecture titled, "Does the Government Really Need to Do More to Educate the Public About the Risks of Smoking?" It's not simply that Dr. K. Michael Cummings' answer was obvious before he spoke a word, but the manner in which he skewered the tobacco-use habit that also proved entertaining. Even a committed nonsmoker had to ask, following his hour-long talk at Executive Plaza North on Nov. 30, "How do smokers continue to do such a disgusting thing to themselves?"