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What's New?

Budget Request - FY 2005

  • Overview
  • Institute/Center Submissions

    Current Year - FY 2004

  • Appropriations Language - NIH Sections
  • Appropriations by Institute and Center
  • History

  • Historical Budget Requests
  • Spending History by Institute/Center, (1983 to present)
  • Appropriations History by Institute/Center (1938 to  present)

    Funding For Diseases, etc.

  • FY 2003 - FY 2005 Funding Estimates

    General Budget Info

  • Budget Process Description
  • Budget Process Chart
  • Inflation Indexes



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    The Office of Budget (OB) is at the hub of program budget and resource allocation at the National Institutes of Health (NIH), developing, presenting, executing and reconciling a $28 billion budget in FY 2004 to finance 27 institutes and centers.
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