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National Institutes of Health U.S. Department of Health and Human Services

Welcome to the Division of Program Coordination, Planning, and Strategic Initiatives (DPCPSI)

NIH Roadmap for Medical Research

The NIH Roadmap is intended to be an “incubator space” for programs that, due to their cross-cutting relevance and/or complexity, warrant concerted attention from NIH as a whole. Consistent with its “incubator” function, the Roadmap stimulates research or the development of research resources with the expectation that the programs will either be completed within a 5–10 year timeframe or will transition out of the “incubator space” as they become integral to IC activities.

Council of Councils

The Council of Councils will be made up of approximately 30 members (one from each IC Advisory Council, representatives nominated by the OD program offices, and broad lay representation, including a member of the NIH Council of Public Representatives).

The Research, Condition, and Disease Categorization (RCDC) Project

The RCDC will provide consistent and transparent information to the public about NIH research. With this new computer-based tool, the public will see NIH's research activities broken down into nearly 215 categories each fiscal year. The categories cover research areas, diseases, and conditions. The new system will produce a complete list of all NIH-funded projects related to each category.

Trans-NIH Collaborations

Today, more than ever, the National Institutes of Health’s (NIH) Institutes, Centers, and Offices are working together in new ways, and leveraging their unique strengths and resources. These collaborations can be formal or informal, and may involve sharing financial resources, materials, or specimens. Often, it is sharing actual scientific expertise. By maximizing resources, these trans-NIH initiatives serve to advance medical research in all disease areas and across the basic, translational and clinical research continuum.

This page last reviewed: November 13, 2008