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  • News from NCRR

NCRR’s Council Members Hear Presentations from Grantees

NCRR Grantee Receives Wolf Prize

SciAm 50 Honors NCRR Grantee

New Video About NCRR

News from NCRR

New Video About NCRR

Top: Magnetic Resonance Imaging machine. Bottom: woman working in laboratory.

These images are from a new video on NCRR’s Web site that explains the Center’s role in supporting biomedical research.

A new NCRR multimedia presentation entitled “Harnessing Innovation to Advance Human Health” is available on the NCRR Web site. Through compelling images and narration, the video presents what NCRR does and, in particular, how it helps bring together diverse research teams to realize the full potential of shared biomedical resources. The project was made possible by NCRR grantees who provided photographs and video footage of NCRR-funded laboratories, technologies, resource centers, and animal models.