Search NCCAM using Boolean operators

About Boolean Searches

To narrow your search, use the word AND between the two search words. Using AND causes the search results to contain both search terms. For example, enter "Cat AND Dog" in the search field to find items that contain both "Cat" and "Dog" on the page.
To broaden the scope of your search, use the word OR in your search term. Using OR retrieves all items that match either of the search terms. For example, the search "Cat OR Dog" returns all items that contain either "Cat" or "Dog" on the page . However, the page does not need to contain both "Cat" and "Dog".
To narrow your search, use the word NOT. Using NOT causes the search results to exclude the search item following the word NOT. For example, the search "Cat NOT Dog" returns all listings which include the word "Cat" on the page, but not the word "Dog".

NOT is only used by itself. Do not use search terms such as "Cat AND NOT Dog" or "Sweater OR NOT Green".

Use parentheses to combine Boolean operators for a more complex search. For example, enter: "Dog NOT (Cat OR Mouse)" to find items that have "Dog", but not "Cat" or "Mouse".