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Integrative Metabolism and Insulin Resistance

This program is comprised of grants that study intermediary metabolism and physiology on the whole body, organ, and cell level. These studies can be done in vivo, in isolated tissues or in cell culture. They have as a focus flux and regulation of either a single metabolic pathway, interacting pathways in a cell or organ, or interactions between organs in the whole body. Especially important are in vivo measurements of whole body flux, such as glucose production or turnover, or blood flow. Examples of important goals for these studies include an understanding of insulin resistance, regulation of gluconeogenesis and glucose disposal, protein turnover rate and regulation, cellular and whole body lipid fluxes, interaction between carbohydrate and lipid metabolism, rate of tricarboxylic acid cycle flux and energy production in the cell, transcriptional regulation of important flux regulating enzymes or transporters for a given pathway, etc.

For more information, contact Dr. Maren R. Laughlin, Senior Advisor for Integrative Metabolism.

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