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Clinical Nutrition & Obesity Lecture Series Videos Order Form

These videos provide health professionals and the public with background information on various nutrition and nutrition-related disorders. The lecture series, taped between 1992 and 1996, is sponsored by the Division of Digestive Diseases and Nutrition, National Institute of Diabetes and Digestive and Kidney Diseases, in cooperation with the Nutrition Department of the Clinical Center.

The following videotapes may be purchased for a fee of $5 each. Please write the number of copies in the box next to the video title(s) you would like to purchase. Send a check or money order in the appropriate amount payable to: Weight-control Information Network. Please use WIN’s 9-digit zip code. To speed processing, pre-payment is required.


Video Title
Antioxidants and Atherogenesis, Alan Chait, M.D.
  Behavioral Approaches to the Treatment of Obesity and Type II Diabetes, Rena R. Wing, Ph.D.
  Clinical Implications of Body Composition and Energy Measurements, Steven B. Heymsfield, M.D.
  Control of Food Intake, Barbara J. Rolls, Ph.D
  Critical Periods in the Development of Childhood Obesity, William Dietz Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
  Eating Disorders: Prevention and Treatment, Marsha D. Marcus, Ph.D.
  Gender, Genetics, and Obesity, M.R.C. Greenwood, Ph.D.
  Human Studies on Obesity, Jules Hirsch, M.D.
  Living Without Dieting, John P. Foreyt, Ph.D.
  Long-term Pharmacotherapy for Obesity, Susan Yanovski, Ph.D.
  Nutrition and Inflammatory Bowel Disease, Michael D. Sitrin, M.D.
  Nutrition and the Injury/Stress Response in the Hospitalized Patient, Bruce R. Bistrian, M.D., Ph.D.
  Nutritional Findings and Interventions in the AIDS Patient, Donald Kotler, M.D.
  Physical Activity, Diet Composition, and Obesity, James O. Hill, Ph.D.
  Physical Activity, Metabolism, and Weight Control, Judith Stern, Sc.D.
  Severe Obesity, the New Epidemic: Surgical Update, Walter J. Pories, M.D.
  Visceral Obesity: More Than a Weight Problem, Jean-Pierre Despres, Ph.D.
  Vitamin D: Not Just for Bones, Hector F. DeLuca, Ph.D.
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Weight-control Information Network
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Email: win@info.niddk.nih.gov

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