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Kathrin Heermeier

Dr. Kathrin Heermeier joined our laboratory in 1993 to explore the role of the Bcl-2 family of proteins during mammary development, and involution in particular. She had received her Ph.D. from the University of Munich. Kathrin left our laboratory in 1996 and works now as a senior scientist for Aventis in Frankfurt/Germany.

Publications while at LGP

PubMed search

1. Heermeier, K. Benedikt, M., Li. M., Furth, P.A., Nunez, G. and Hennighausen, L. (1996) Induction of the apoptosis proteins bax and bcl-xS coincides with the onset of programmed cell death in involuting mammary epithelial cells. Mech. Of Development 56, 197-207.

2. Li, M., Hu, J., Heermeier, K., Hennighausen, L. and Furth, P.A. (1996) Apoptosis and remodeling of mammary gland tissue during involution proceeds through p53 independent pathways. Cell Growth and Differentiation 7, 13-20.

3. Li, M., Hu, J., Heermeier, K., Hennighausen, L. and Furth, P.A. (1996) Expression of a viral oncoprotein during mammary gland development alters cell fate and function: induction of p53 independent apoptosis is followed by impaired milk protein production in surviving cells. Cell Growth and Differentiation, 7, 3-11.

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