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September 2008
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Harrison Wein, Ph.D., Editor
Vicki Contie, Assistant Editor
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Vicki Contie, Alison Davis, Kim DiFonzo, Margaret Georgiann (illustrations) and Harrison Wein

Cartoon of food and drink containers running

Good Health to Go
Eating Smart at School
Even in the chaotic world of the school cafeteria, children can make smart food choices. You can play a key role in helping children learn the fundamentals of healthy living—eating well and staying active—whatever pressures they face outside home.
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Back to School with Diabetes
Plan Ahead for a Smooth Start to School
Notebooks, erasers, pencil sets and backpacks are on most kids’ back-to-school lists. But if your child has diabetes, you should add a few extra tasks to the list. Planning ahead, and getting help from others, will help pave the way for a successful year.
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