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Dietary Calcium
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Physical Activity
Lowers Stroke Risk
in Women

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Women's Thoughts
on Diet and

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Shape Up America!

For fitness assessments, personalized exercise programs, and tips on how to improve your eating habits and lose weight, visit the Shape Up America! website at

Shape Up America! is a national initiative founded by former Surgeon General Dr. C. Everett Koop to promote increased physical activity and healthy weight maintenance among Americans. The Shape Up America! web site provides a variety of resources to help individuals achieve their weight and fitness goals.

The web site features various “centers” that viewers can access at no cost:

  • The BMI Center calculates your Body Mass Index (BMI) and explains the level of health risk associated with it.
  • The Fitness Center helps you assess your current level of fitness, including flexibility, strength, aerobic fitness, and readiness for physical activity. It helps you set specific fitness goals and overcome barriers to becoming more active. It also shows you how to track your activities and chart improvements.
  • The Cyberkitchen helps you balance your food intake with physical activity. Enter some basic information about yourself and your activity level, and Cyberkitchen will give you a daily calorie and fat intake goal. Then choose a specific meal plan that matches your daily calorie goals. Recipes and shopping lists help you stay within the plan and given calorie goal.
  • The Support Center provides information, motivation, and solutions to obstacles encountered during the weight loss process. Go to the information section to read about “hot topics” in the field of weight management, or visit the motivation center to find support and encouragement to overcome common weight management challenges.

Other sections of the web site include the library, professional, and media areas. These sections provide educational materials for consumers, publications for professionals, press releases for the media, and other related links. s


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