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CQL Context Sets

The following table lists context sets that are known to the SRU Maintenance Agency. If you wish to have your context set added to the list below, please contact the maintenance agency.

Some "reference" links in the table below go to external Web sites Standard Disclaimer for External Links

Context Set (reference) Short Name Identifier
CQL context set Version 1.1 cql info:srw/cql-context-set/1/cql-v1.1
CQL context set Version 1.2 cql info:srw/cql-context-set/1/cql-v1.2
Dublin Core Context Set Version 1.1 dc info:srw/cql-context-set/1/dc-v1.1
Bath Context Set   (see note) bath
Record metadata rec info:srw/cql-context-set/2/rec-1.1
Network resource information net info:srw/cql-context-set/2/net-1.0
Music Context Set music info:srw/cql-context-set/3/music-1.0
ZThes thesaurus context set v1.0 zthes
Collectable card games ccg
ZeeRex Context Set zeerex info:srw/cql-context-set/2/zeerex-1.1
MARC Context Set marc info:srw/cql-context-set/1/marc-1.1
Relevance Ranking rel info:srw/cql-context-set/2/relevance-1.0
Sort Context Set sort info:srw/cql-context-set/1/sort-v1.0
GILS Context Set gils info:srw/cql-context-set/14/gils-v1.0
NorZIG Context Set norzig info:srw/cql-context-set/15/norzig-1.0

Note: the Bath context set will be depricated when the bib context set is complete.