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  • La diabetes tipo 2 y los niños (Type 2 Diabetes and Kids) — November 2007
    6:33 min. | 6 MB | Transcript | Right Click to Download MP3 File
    El Dr. Saúl Malozowski informa sobre el preocupante incremento de la diabetes tipo 2 entre niños y adolescentes y qué se puede hacer para disminuir la probabilidad de que desarrollen la diabetes tipo 2. (Dr. Saul Malozowski discusses the alarming increase in type 2 diabetes among children and teens and what can be done to help children and teens lower their risk for type 2 diabetes.)

  • La diabetes y las enfermedades cardiovasculares (Diabetes and CVD) — September 2007
    8:15 min. | 7.7 MB | Transcript | Right Click to Download MP3 File
    El Dr. Saúl Malozowski trata sobre el vínculo entre las enfermedades cardiovasculares y la diabetes y qué se puede hacer para disminuir el riesgo de desarrollar las complicaciones de la diabetes. (Dr. Saul Malozowski discusses the link between cardiovascular disease and diabetes and what can be done to decrease the risk of developing the complications of diabetes.)

Control de Peso (Weight Control)
  • Cómo comer saludablemente durante la época festiva (Healthy Eating and the Holidays) — December 2007
    6:15 min. | 6 MB | Transcript | Right Click to Download MP3 File
    El Dr. Saúl Malozowski conversa sobre la alimentación saludable durante las fiestas y da sugerencias y consejos sobre cómo disfrutar de la época festiva sin dejar de comer saludablemente y hacer actividad física. (Dr. Saul Malozowski tackles the topic of healthy eating during holidays and offers suggestions and tips on how to enjoy the holiday festivities while still making healthy food choices and being physically active.)

  • La alimentación saludable en el otoño (Healthy Eating in the Fall) — October 2007
    7:38 | 7 MB | Transcript | Right Click to Download MP3 File
    El Dr. Saúl Malozowski habla sobre la relación entre el sobrepeso y la diabetes. También da consejos sobre cómo escoger alimentos saludables para comer y de cómo hacer más actividad física para evitar desarrollar la diabetes tipo 2. (Dr. Saul Malozowski discusses the link between being overweight and developing diabetes. He also provides information on how to make healthy food choices and be more physically active to help lower your risk of developing type 2 diabetes.)

NIH Podcasts

Digital recordings of NIH Research Radio broadcasts available for downloading to a personal audio player or a computer. NIH Research Radio provides the latest information about NIH research findings, highlights of press conferences, and health campaigns in 20- to 30-minute radio broadcasts every 2 weeks. Listed below are segments from the radio programs that relate to diabetes, digestive diseases, kidney diseases and urologic diseases. Information about system requirements and a full listing of current and archived podcasts can be accessed through NIH Podcast.

Digestive Diseases
Kidney, Urologic, and Hematologic Diseases
Weight Control
Minority Health

NDEP Podcasts

“We Can Be Stronger than Diabetes” Podcasts
The National Diabetes Education Program has developed a podcast series on diabetes. This series, titled “We Can Be Stronger than Diabetes,” offers short audio files you can listen to on your computer or download to a portable music/video player such as an iPod. Check for daily podcast updates at Podcasts at CDC. Once on the main site for Podcasts at CDC, select the “Browse” tab and search “By Series” for “We Can Be Stronger Than Diabetes” to view the most current podcasts available.

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