Info URIs for Library of Congress Identifiers

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The string 'lc' has been assigned as an 'info:' URI namespace. 'info:lc' is to be used for various identifiers assigned by the Library of Congress.

Syntax of an 'info:lc' URI

An 'info:lc' URI takes the form


The LC 'info' Subspace

  <lc-info-subspace> is a string assigned by the Library of Congress. Assigned strings are listed in the left column of the following table. (Only one lc-info-subspace is currently defined.)

lc-info-subspace Usage (link) Example Supspace-specific String Example URIs


XML Namespace URI mods-4.0 info:lc/xmlns/mods-4.0 (See note 1 .)


  1. languages
  2. languages/abk
  1. info:lc/vocabulary/languages
  2. info:lc/vocabulary/languages/abk

(See note 2 .)


  1. the example URI, 'info:lc/xmlns/mods-4.0' , is at present hypothetical. It could be used as the MODS namespace URI for MODS version 4, but there is no MODS version 4 yet and the namespace URI for future version 4 of MODS is not yet assigned.
  2. The URI info:lc/vocabulary/languages identifies the languages codelist, and the URI info:lc/vocabulary/languages/abk identifies the language code 'abk' the language code for the language Abkhaz.