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Infectious Disease Imaging Interest Group
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The Infectious Disease Imaging Interest Group (IDIIG) provides a forum where laboratory investigators, clinicians and imaging specialists can explore how conventional and molecular imaging methods can be used to study and manage infectious diseases. Discussions cover the use of imaging for early diagnosis and patient care and for laboratory animal studies. Potential applications of imaging to biodefense and emerging infections are of particular interest. Seminar topics include optical, ultrasound, X-ray, magnetic resonance and radionuclide-based techniques and their application to problems in microbiology, toxinology, immunology and other disciplines. Monthly meetings and special events provide IDIIG members with opportunities to present their research, develop collaborations and keep up with the latest technology.

Beginning in September, 2006, all seminars will be videocast live, then archived for retrieval beginning the week after presentation. To access seminars, go to and choose "Infectious Disease Imaging Interest Group."

Next IDIIG Seminar:

Thursday, May 24, 3 PM: Dr. Moses Rodriguez, Mayo Clinic, will speak on "Monoclonal antibodies directed against oligodendrocytes to induce CNS repair"

Seminar Archive:

Past seminars are available for viewing at:

Upcoming Events:

The Integrated Research Facility, Division of Clinical Research, NIAID/NIH is pleased to announce that the second annual workshop on "Experimental Imaging of Infectious Disease" will be held September 17-18, 2007, at the Pooks Hill Marriott in Bethesda, MD. The workshop will focus on conventional and molecular whole-body imaging of pathogen infection and host response. Scheduled sessions include tracking pathogen dissemination; tracking infected cells; imaging inflammation, apoptosis, and other host responses; development of probes for molecular imaging; high-resolution imaging of pulmonary infections; and technical approaches to whole-body imaging of animals. For more information on the workshop or to sign up to attend, please contact Rich Pilch, (301) 451-1887,


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