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HTS Assay Development Interest Group
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The HADIG is being established to support the NIH Molecular Libraries & Imaging Roadmap initiative. Since 2002, NIH has begun a series of far-reaching programs to bring the power of small molecule high throughput screening (HTS) to researchers in academia, government, and non-profit institutions to facilitate the broad application of HTS into larger biomedical research community. The HADIG is envisioned as a forum for seminars and discussion focusing on all aspects of HTS related assay development, screening, automation, compound library management and cheminformatics. HTS is highly multidisciplinary, and its growth depends on absorbing new technologies through close collaboration of scientists in many fields who traditionally do not interact with each other on a regular basis. The mission of the HADIG is to bring together the scientists in molecular biology, biochemistry, genomics, pharmacology, chemistry, instrumentation, software, information sciences, etc., to share knowledge and advances in HTS technologies and applications, as well as to promote constructive interactions and partnership among scientists interested in the field of HTS and assays development with a common goal for identifying small molecules that modulate biological targets. This group is open to researchers across the NIH institutes, academia, and industry. Seminar series will feature talks by NIH researchers, academia investigators and internationally renowned experts. Schedules and locations for the invited speakers will be posted here on "Mtgs & Seminars". If you are interested in learning about HTS technologies, please join us by clicking on the "Join the SIG" link above and sign yourself up!

Organizers: Ingrid Li (NIMH); James Inglese (NHGRI). Photo: Kalypsys machine, which can screen more than 1 million small molecules per day in cell-based and protein-based assays, will be installed in the new NIH Chemical Genomics Center.


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