Genetic Mutation Associated With Binge Eating

Obesity Affects Children's Quality of Life

Genetic Mutation Associated With Binge Eating

NIH, NIDDK Act To Coordinate Obesity Research

Sisters Are Moving With Sisters Together: Move More, Eat Better

NDEP Releases GAME PLAN Diabetes Prevention Toolkit

NIH Launches Worksite Wellness Lectures


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Photo of Just Enough for You cover

Just Enough for You: About Food Portions. 2003. This 13-page brochure describes the difference between a portion—the amount of food a person chooses to eat—and a measured serving. It offers tips for judging portion sizes and for controlling portions at home and when eating out. It answers the question, “Is getting more food for your money always a good value?” and presents a sample food diary. Available in print and on WIN’s website.


Photo of page one of Medical Care for Oese Patients

Medical Care for Obese Patients. 2003. This 6-page fact sheet for health care providers describes the challenges of treating patients who are obese, including overcoming patients’ reluctance to seek out medical services, having appropriate medical equipment available, and training staff to treat patients with respect. It offers practical advice on surmounting these challenges and providing optimal care to obese patients, independent of weight loss. Adapted from a paper by the National Task Force on Prevention and Treatment of Obesity. Available in print and on WIN’s website.



Photo of page one of Weight and Waist Measurement: Tools for Adults

Weight and Waist Measurement: Tools for Adults. 2003. This 4-page fact sheet explains two simple measures—body mass index (BMI) and waist circumference—to help people determine if their weight and/or body fat distribution are putting their health at risk. It includes the formula for calculating BMI as well as a BMI graph. The fact sheet lists the health risks of overweight and obesity, and addresses next steps for people who find their BMI or waist circumference in the unhealthy range.




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