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January 2009

The NIH news in Health

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  • December 2008
    Healthy Holiday Gift Ideas ... Cold Fingers and Toes?... Warm Hands, Warm Feelings , New Alzheimer’s Book Published , Featured Web Site: Herbs at a Glance
  • November 2008
    Holding Their Attention ... Worried About Plastic Bottles?... “Virtual” Colon Scans Show Promise , Information on Drug Abuse and Addiction , Featured Web Site: Children & Clinical Studies
  • October 2008
    Hey, Parents: It’s a Noisy Planet ... Keep Your Kidneys Clear... Genetic Quirks Linked to Schizophrenia , Understanding Vitamin D , Featured Web Site: Body & Soul
  • September 2008
    Good Health to Go ... Back to School with Diabetes... Children’s Physical Activity Drops , Diabetes and a Healthy Pregnancy , Featured Web Site: NIDA Goes Back to School
  • August 2008
    Arm Yourself for Good Health ... Matching Genes and Vitamins... Wide Waists Boost Risk of Death , Online Care Helps Control Blood Pressure, Featured Web Site: Findings
  • July 2008
    Medical Imaging... Are Your Wrists at Risk? ... Social Ties Affect Smoking Behavior , Eating Well as You Get Older , Featured Web Site: Time to Talk
  • June 2008
    More than a Feeling... What Makes Your Head Hurt? ... Fat Cell Numbers Stay Constant in Adults , Blood Pressure Control and Kidney Disease , Featured Web Site: Asian American Health
  • May 2008
    Frightened of Food... Of Air and Asthma ... Keeping Off Lost Weight , Older Corneas Can Make Good Transplants , Featured Web Site: Gear Up!
  • April 2008
    When a Medical Emergency Strikes ... Guard Your Liver ... Allergens in Homes Linked to Asthma , Diet and Metabolic Syndrome , Featured Web Site: Anabolic Steroid Abuse
  • March 2008
    Making and Maintaining Muscle ... Living with Crohn’s Disease ... Supplement Use and Cancer , Why Be Shy About Incontinence? , Featured Web Site: Exercise Stories
  • February 2008
    Preventing Cancer ... Soothing the Sting of Shingles ... Brain Injuries and PTSD Risk , Sealing Out Tooth Decay , Featured Web Site: My Family Health Portrait
  • January 2008
    Watch Your Cholesterol ... The Cause of Achy Jaws? ... Heart Attack Symptoms in Women , Fit Seniors May Live Longer , Featured Web Site: Tips for Teens with Diabetes
  • December 2007
    Raise a Toast to Healthy Holidays ... Dealing With Hearing Loss ... Lack of Sleep Disrupts Emotional Controls , Diabetes Rates Increasing Among Youth , Featured Web Site: Aging and Health en Español
  • November 2007
    Heft for the Holidays ... The Vexing Pain of Vulvodynia ... Treatment for Depressed Teens , African Americans and Kidney Disease , Featured Web Site: NIH Multimedia Gallery
  • October 2007
    The Perils of Peers ... Giving Germs the Slip ... Early Childhood Program Shows Benefits , Seeking Health Information , Featured Web Site: Household Products Database
  • September 2007
    Is Baby Babbling on Schedule? ... Spotting Autism Spectrum Disorders ... Can You Listen to Two Things at Once?, Mourning the Death of a Spouse, Featured Web Site: Cancer Risk: Understanding the Puzzle
  • August 2007
    Dealing with Trauma ... Figuring Out Fibromyalgia ... Brain Imaging Reveals Joys of Giving , Alcoholism Subtypes Identified , Featured Web Site: Breath of Life
  • July 2007
    Baby on Board ... Deep Vein Trouble ... Bladder Control Surgeries for Women, Protect Against Skin Cancer, Featured Web Site: Tuberculosis
  • June 2007
    Get Involved in Clinical Research ... Understanding Clinical Research ... Migraines Tied to Heart Attack Risk, Heart Health for Women, Featured Web Site: en Español
  • May 2007
    When Eating Goes to Extremes ... Speak Up ... MRI Aids Cancer Detection in Other Breast, Keep Vision in Your Future, Featured Web Site: Be the Generation
  • April 2007
    The Need for Sleep ... The Thief of Sleep ... What Causes Addiction?, Greenery, Groceries and Children's Weight, Featured Web Site: A Healthy Mouth for Your Baby
  • March 2007
    What is Healthy Eating? ... Do What Moves You ... Talking About CAM Therapies, Treating Asthma in Kids, Featured Web Site: We Can!
  • February 2007
    The Power of Love ... A Pain in the Gut ... Pre-Teen Girls at Risk for Extra Pounds, Short of Breath? It May Be COPD, Featured Web Site: Mind Over Matter.
  • January 2007
    Stressed Out ... Don't Let Back Pain Get You Down ... Cold Weather Tips for Older Adults, Circumcision Reduces Risk of HIV, Featured Web Site: Star Sleeper.
  • December 2006
    Preventing a Pandemic … Learn the AIDS Link … Late Angioplasty After a Heart Attack, Longer Life, for Mice, Featured Web Site: ToxMystery.
  • November 2006
    Of Guts and Gluten … The Discoveries Behind Future Cures … Drug Can Prevent Postpartum Hemorrage, Preventing Falls, Featured Web Site: Stories from the Heart.
  • October 2006
    Secrets to a Longer, Healthier Life … Aches in Your Legs … Insight into Ear Infections, Molecules in Blood Signal Preeclampsia, Featured Web Site: Child Health and Human Development.
  • September 2006
    Discussing Drinking … Drugs Are A Drag … Stay Skeptical about Genetic Testing, Get Active for a Healthy Heart, Featured Web Site: College Drinking: Changing the Culture.
  • August 2006
    Caring for the Caregivers… Noise Pollution… Extreme Obesity's Harsh Toll. Can Your Community Make You Heavier?, Featured Web Site: Media-Smart Youth: Eat, Think and Be Active.
  • July 2006
    The Complexities of Asthma… Diabetes Widespread in Adults… Joint, Muscle Problems for Overweight Youth. Stroke: Know the Signs, Act in Time. Smoking Affects Allergy in Infants. Featured Web Site: Tox Town.
  • June 2006
    Ignore the Pain?… Good Vision… Ability to Walk May Foretell Future. Stroke: Know the Signs, Act in Time. Featured Web Site: NIH Research Matters.
  • May 2006
    Getting Back in Action… Listen Up!… Low-Calorie Diet May Slow Aging. Progress Toward Avian Flu Vaccine. Featured Web Site: Visible Proofs.
  • April 2006
    The Trouble with Fat... Winning at Losing... Supplements May Not Help Knee Pain... Calcium and Vitamin D Trial Results...
  • March 2006
    Supplementing Your Diet... Make the Kidney Connection... Healthier 'Soul Food' Helps With Diabetes... Don't Ignore Smell and Taste Problems...
  • February 2006
    The Future of Genetic Testing... Genes or Environment?... SIDS Risk Up in Winter... Risky Teen Behavior...
  • January 2006
    Detecting Alzheimer's Disease... The Aging Mind... Treatments for Menopause Symptoms... Trust and Fear In The Brain...
  • December 2005
    Healing From Depression... Understanding Postpartum Depression... Dizzy for the Holidays... Taking Medication for Weight Loss...
  • November 2005
    Preventing Type 2 Diabetes... Diabetes: Equal Opportunity Disease?... Preparing for Your Doctor Visit... Good Protection: Get a Flu Shot...
  • October 2005
    How To Stop an Outbreak... Cold, Flu or Allergy?... Bacteria in Dust Linked to Asthma... Why The Cough?...
  • September 2005
    Sniffing Out Drugs... Teen Brains: Still Under Construction... Getting Enough Sleep... Dangerous Steroid Use...
  • August 2005
    Safer Fun in the Summer Sun... Keep it Cool in Hot Weather... Vitamin E Results Disappoint ... Genes Affect Arsenic Response...
  • July 2005
    Hidden Persuaders ... Preventing Childhood Obesity ... Shingles Vaccine Promising ... Pack Healthy Ideas for Summer Trips ...
  • June 2005
    The End of One-Size-Fits-All Medicine? ... History for Your Health
    ... Possible Treatment Changes for Asthma ... Red Hair Blues ...
  • May 2005
    Your Aching Back... Needle-Free Injections... Gene Increases Risk of Blindness...
  • April 2005
    Sisters Join Hands to Fight Breast Cancer... A Pain in the Pelvis... Just When Can a Woman Become Pregnant... Hot Flash News Flash...

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