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Research & Funding
NINR supports clinical and basic research and research training on health and illness across the lifespan. The research focus encompasses health promotion and disease prevention, quality of life, health disparities, and end-of-life. NINR offers research opportunities for both Extramural and Intramural (on the NIH campus) Programs. See below for the link to the Intramural Program.

The Extramural Program accepts unsolicited (investigator-initiated) applications. We also accept applications for research grants in response to a published Request for Applications (RFA) or a Program Announcement (PA).

Extramural Program Staff are available to assist you at any stage of the grant application process – preparation, review, funding and post-award management.

The Grant Development and Management Resources page includes numerous NINR and NIH information sheets and learning aids for both funded investigators and applicants. The learning aids and tutorials are appropriate for all types of funding whether research, training, or fellowships. 

All information obtained on non-NINR sites that is specific to other Institutes or Centers should be checked for its application to NINR policy and procedures with NINR Program Directors or Grant Management specialists. This resource is a new addition to the NINR website and we will appreciate your feedback on the usefulness of the information to you. Send comments to

NINR-sponsored research and research training is facilitated and managed by this Division of NINR.  More...

Research and training conducted at NINR on the NIH campus is conducted by this Division of NINR.  More...

Information for applicants to assist in the preparation of applications and the management of funded grants.  More...

Listings of NINR funded research and training centers and phase 3 clinical trials co-funded by NINR.  More...



Page last updated Jul 24, 2008
NINR Research News

A multi-center study shows an early NICU intervention for parents of infants born prematurely can improve outcomes for parents and infants.  More... 

HIV Prevention Program Reaching Hispanic Youths Reduces Risky Sexual Behaviors. More...

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