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Medical Microbiology and Pathogenic Bacteriology Interest Group
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The purpose of this group and the corresponding listserve is to provide an environment where medical microbiologists and pathogenic bacteriologists can interact and share data and information across institutions and campuses in the greater DHHS/Greater Washington area.

Unlike the SIG "Lambda Lunch", which focuses primarily on bacterial and phage genetics and biochemistry, the group proposed here would have a broader range to include seminars/ discussions on host response to infectious agents, microbial pathogenesis, antimicrobial resistance and alternative therapeutics, as well as the genetic basis of virulence.

The appeal of such a group would include but not be limited to the researchers interested in the following subject areas:

  • Immune Response to Infectious Disease/Host Defenses
  • Host-Pathogen Interactions
  • Bacterial Pathogenesis
  • Bacterial Toxins -Antibiotic Resistance
  • Alternative Antimicrobial Therapeutics
  • Medical/Diagnostic Microbiology

Given this focus , researchers in the fields of Clinical Virology, Anti-viral Therapeutics, Medical Parasitology, and Tropical/Emerging Diseases may also be particularly interested.

This group is still forming and we are trying to make it a fluid, dynamic, interactive entity. Therefore we are always open to suggestions on everything from seminar topics to networking opporunities to website construction. Please voice your wishes and expectations of this special interest group, as nothing matters more than the satisfaction of its members.


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