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Image-Guided Interventions Group
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IGI Group

The Interagency Image-Guided Interventions Group (IGI Group), an inter-agency Special Interest Group, is a working group organized and chaired by NIBIB that is open to all Federal agencies. This group meets the 4th Monday of every month from 3:30-5pm at NIBIB in Democracy II Plaza 6707 Democracy Blvd, Bethesda, MD.
Inter-Agency Image-Guided Interventions Group (IGI Group) Mission Statement
The interagency Image-Guided Interventions Group is a forum for promoting coordination and cooperation among Federal departments and agencies supporting image-guided interventions (IGI) research and development programs. Image-guided interventions are procedures that use real-time or preoperative medical images during an intervention to minimize trauma and improve outcomes. They include procedures such as biopsy, surgery, radiation treatment, vascular interventions, and guidance during delivery of devices, drugs, cells or genes, and merge scientific and engineering advances from multiple disciplines and applications.
Vision: The vision or goal of the IGI Group is to advance medical technology and improve public health through research and development in IGI. The mission of the group is to promote interdisciplinary IGI research and interagency collaborations; to foster the development of new technologies and translational applications at the interface of the life and physical sciences; and to encourage the standardization of procedures and best practices for IGI.
Goals : Participants from Federal agencies with scientific and programmatic interests in IGI will coordinate and facilitate the following goals:
  1. Increase the common understanding of the existing efforts as well as the needs in technology development, research capacity building, pre-clinical and clinical applications supported by the participating agencies.
  2. Monitor/track and support activities involving interagency coordination and cooperation to support advances and development of IGI technologies, databases, standards, validation, pre-clinical testing, and clinical trials within the areas of interest of each of the participating agencies.
  3. Identify synergistic and complementary areas of expertise, knowledge, technology, and clinical application among the participating agencies that may be available for translational research and/or application.
  4. Discuss and create opportunities for developing research initiatives that encourage team science to enhance collaboration and accelerate the cycle of developing, testing, and disseminating innovative and effective IGI technologies and techniques with appropriate translation to the potential clinical applications.
  5. Engage the community (including, but not limited to, investigators, clinicians, patient groups, industry, agency stakeholders and legislators) in areas of common interest through workshops, educational programs, symposia, meetings and other activities, to improve the visibility of the federally funded IGI research and development.
  6. Develop integrated strategies to overcome impediments to the prioritization, planning, review, funding, and performance of research and technology development necessary to advance IGI.

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