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Research Briefs

Clinical Research Associate Networks

Translational research translates knowledge gleaned from laboratory findings to potential treatments for diseases. But there is a second aspect to this research…

Research Unit Goes to Extremes

Researchers from Mayo Clinic have been studying the effects of altitude illness by examining workers who travel from McMurdo Station in Antarctica…

A Planetarium Show on Diabetes

“We don’t intend all children to become scientists; rather, we hope to foster an appreciation and understanding of science and its influence on their lives…”

Connectivity Enables Collaborations

Long-distance collaboration is made possible by high-resolution video streaming using Internet2…

News from NCRR

NCRR’s Council Members Hear Presentations from Grantees

Principal investigators from the Clinical and Translational Science Awards and National Primate Research Center programs discussed their accomplishments…

NCRR Grantee Receives Wolf Prize

The Wolf Foundation of Israel has announced it will award the 2008 Wolf Prize in Chemistry to William E. Moerner, an NCRR grantee at Stanford University in California…

SciAm 50 Honors NCRR Grantee

Richard D. Smith, a Battelle Fellow at the Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory, has been named one of 50 outstanding leaders in the 2007 Scientific American 50 (SciAm 50)…

New Video About NCRR

A new NCRR multimedia presentation entitled “Harnessing Innovation to Advance Human Health” is available on the NCRR Web site…

Science Advances

More Than Skin Deep

Scientists discover ways to generate embryonic stem cells from skin tissue…