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NIH Curriculum Supplement for High School

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Cell Biology and Cancer

Grades 9 - 12

Introduction to the major biological concepts related to the development and impact of cancer.

Learning Focus
1. The Faces of CancerBrief biographies demonstrate the diversity of cancer.
2. Cancer and the Cell CycleVideo animations depict cell cycle regulation; disruptions result in cancer.
3. Cancer as a Multistep ProcessCD-ROM -based simulations test several hypotheses about cancer development.
4. Evaluating Claims About CancerApply a model system to test media claims.
5. Acting on Information About CancerRole-playing as federal legislators, support or oppose a proposed statute on cancer.

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National Cancer Institute

"The graphing masters were excellent exercises for students." ---High School Science Teacher

"Students were able to explain the biological basis of chemical poisons, family history, radiation exposure, and ultraviolet light in causing cancer, and to make sense of the many observations people have made about risk factors related to cancer." ---High School Biology Teacher

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