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As you plan to write and submit an NIH application, it is important to know some important submission basics, such as what type of application will be needed (paper or electronic) and which forms are necessary, as well as links to contacts, important deadlines, a general timeline, and guidelines for tracking your application through the process. The following resources provide details on each of these elements:

  • Submitting Your Application

    What's the process for submitting an application and should it be submitted in an electronic or paper format? This Web page provides tips and links for submitting competing applications and non-competing renewals that should answer these and other important submission questions.
  • NIH Forms and Applications

    What application should be used and where can all the forms be found? This Web page provides MS Word and PDF versions of all NIH Forms and Applications necessary for submitting research grant proposals to the NIH.  Note:  See individual funding announcements for specific application instructions and contacts.
  • Receipt Dates and Deadlines

    When are applications due? This Web page provides standard due dates for competing applications, special guidelines for SBIR/STTR applications, and non-competing renewal applications.  Please note the special instructions regarding receipt versus postmark dates for submission of paper applications.
  • Grants Process Overview

    How long until an award is made? The NIH Grants process can take approximately 10 months from application receipt and the peer review process through negotiation and award. The Grants Process At-A-Glance Chart on this Web page is a resource for understanding the steps your application goes through in that timeframe.
  • Tracking Your Application

    What is the status of an application? This web page provides guidance on following your application's progress through the NIH Grants Process, including paper and electronic submission.


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