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About the NCI Cancer Bulletin

The NCI Cancer Bulletin is a bi-weekly online newsletter designed to provide useful, timely information about cancer research to the cancer research community. The newsletter is published approximately 24 times per year by the National Cancer Institute (NCI), with day-to-day operational oversight conducted by federal and contract staff in the NCI Office of Communications and Education.

Editorial Staff

James Mathews, Julie Cheh, Brittany Moya Del Pino, Daryl McGrath

Contributing Writers

Carmen Phillips, Edward R. Winstead, Brittany Moya Del Pino, Sharon Reynolds, Bill Robinson, Addison Greenwood, Eleanor Mayfield, James Alexander, Natalie Joseph

Technical Staff

Wayne Bittinger, Mark Cramer, Nam-Andrew Kim, Ram Palaniappan, Marcia Rubain

Scientific Advisors

Kathleen Schlom, Simone John, M.D., Richard Manrow, Ph.D.

NCI Divisional Advisors

Denise Buckley, Kara Smigel-Croker, Lynn Cave, Donna Kerrigan, Martha Randazzo, Ann Tatem, Cathy McClave, Jennifer Loukissas

Executive Editorial Committee

Richard Manrow, Ph.D. (Chair)
Associate Director, Office of Cancer Content Management, Office of Communications and Education

Mary Anne Bright, R.N.
Associate Director, Office of Public Information and Resource Management, Office of Communications and Education

Daniel Gallahan, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, Division of Cancer Biology

Jon Kerner, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, Research Dissemination and Diffusion, Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences

Cedric Long, Ph.D.
Assistant Director, Division of Extramural Activities

Howard Parnes, M.D.
Chief, Prostate & Urologic Cancer Research Group, Division of Cancer Prevention

Henry Rodriguez, Ph.D., M.B.A.
Program Director of Clinical Proteomics Technologies Initiative

Samir Sauma, Ph.D., M.P.H.
NCI Office of Science Planning and Assessment

Kathleen Schlom
Special Assistant to the Director, Office of the Director

Caryn Steakley, R.N., M.S.W.
Deputy Clinical Director, Center for Cancer Research

Jeffrey Strathern, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, Center for Cancer Research

Joe Tomaszewski, Ph.D.
Deputy Director, Division of Cancer Treatment and Diagnosis

Mary Ann S. Van Duyn, Ph.D., M.P.H., R.D.
Center to Reduce Cancer Health Disparities

Shelia Zahm, Sc.D.
Deputy Director, Division of Cancer Epidemiology and Genetics

NCI Cancer Bulletin Awards

Recognition / Citation Year
Blue Pencil Award (Carmen Phillips)
1st Place - Writer's Portfolio
World Wide Web Health Awards
Silver (top award)
Miscellaneous/Professional/Government category
MarCom Award
Gold - Excellence in Communications
Hermes Creative Award
Gold Winner
The Communicator Print Media Award
Award of Excellence
Freddie Award
Finalist - Oncology category
NIH Merit Award
For Outstanding and Innovative NCI Newsletter

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