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Therapeutic Oligonucleotide Interest Group
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The NIH Interinstitute Interest Group, Therapeutic Oligonucleotide Interest Group (TOIG) is concerned with various aspects of oligonucleotides including triplex DNA, oligonucleotide-mediated DNA repair (chimeraplasty), transcription factor decoy, antisense DNA/RNA, 2'-O alkyl RNA-DNA second generation antisense, RNAi, ribozymes, PNA, LNA, Morpholino, 2',5'-oligoadenylates, CpG immune stimulating oligomers, diagnostic oligonucleotide chips (DNA chips) and gene theraphy vectors. These oligonucleotides can modulate gene-specific expression within cells, and can identify genes involved in diseases.

Recent developments in oligonucleotide research have demonstrated the potential utility of oligonucleotides as therapeutic agents, in the treatment of cancer and AIDS, and other diseases.

The NIHTOIG is open to all interested scientists at NIH or at neighboring academic and nonacademic institutions.

Meetings consist of lectures by NIH researchers and invited speakers. The seminars are held on the last Thursday of each month (except November and December) at 4:00 PM Eastern Time. The location is Building 10, Rm 2C116, Medical Board Room, NIH Bethesda, MD. TOIG also hosts a biennial NIH minisymposium on Therapeutic Oligonucleotides in December and a workshop at NIH Research Festivals.

TOIG Steering Committee is composed of: Chair: Yoon S. Chang M.D., Ph.D.; Members: Esther Chang, Ph.D.; Robert Diasio, M.D., Ph.D.; Alan M, Gewirtz, M.D.; Robert Glazer, Ph.D.; Dennis Klinman, M.D., Ph.D.; Arther Krieg, M.D.; Victor Marquez, Ph.D.; Dan Mercola, M.D. Ph.D.; Paul Miller, Ph.D.; Leonard Neckers, Ph.D.; Maria Nesterova, Ph.D.; Igor Panyutin, Ph.D.; John Rossi, Ph.D.; Michael Seidman, Ph.D.; Barbara Shaw, Ph.D.; Cy A. Stein. M.D., Ph.D.; and Eric Wickstrom, Ph.D.


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