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Media Contacts

A biographical sketch and photo are available for each NIGMS expert. To arrange an interview with any of the individuals listed below, contact the NIGMS Office of Communications and Public Liaison at 301-496-7301.

View photos of all experts in the Media Contacts Image Gallery.

Behavioral Genetics: Laurie Tompkins, Ph.D. and Anthony Carter, Ph.D.

Biochemistry/Combinatorial Chemistry: John Schwab, Ph.D.

Burn and Trauma Research (basic research): Scott Somers, Ph.D.

Cell Biology/Biophysics: Catherine Lewis, Ph.D.

Chemistry/Biochemistry: Michael Rogers, Ph.D. and Jeremy M. Berg, Ph.D.

Computational Biology: Karin Remington, Ph.D.

Developmental Biology: Susan Haynes, Ph.D. and Marion Zatz, Ph.D.

Evolutionary Biology: Irene Eckstrand, Ph.D. 

Genetics: Judith H. Greenberg, Ph.D.

Interdisciplinary Research: Jeremy M. Berg, Ph.D.

Microbiology: James Anderson, Ph.D. 

Minority Programs: Clifton Poodry, Ph.D. 

Modeling Pandemic Flu/Infectious Disease Spread: Irene Eckstrand, Ph.D. and James Anderson, Ph.D.

Nanotechnology: Catherine Lewis, Ph.D. 

Pharmacogenetics: Rochelle M. Long, Ph.D. 

Protein Structure Initiative/Structural Genomics: John Norvell, Ph.D. and Jeremy M. Berg, Ph.D.

Sepsis: Sarah Dunsmore, Ph.D.

Stem Cells (basic biology): Marion Zatz, Ph.D. and Susan Haynes, Ph.D.

Systems Biology: James Anderson, Ph.D.

Wound Healing: Richard Ikeda, Ph.D.

This page last updated November 19, 2008