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Human Genetic Variation

Grades 9 - 12

Study the basics of human genetics, its potential to improve human health, and its application toward understanding and describing human evolution.

Learning Focus
1. Alike But Not the SameGame, and class inventory of traits introduce notion that genes and the environment influence the diversity of humans.
2. The Meaning of Genetic VariationCD-ROM-based activity illustrates DNA sequences are responsible for genetic differences, and associated with disease, survival, evolution.
3. Molecular Medicine Comes of AgesRole-play pharmaceutical company employees to develop new drugs - exemplifies benefits of molecular genetics.
4. Are You Susceptible?A game explores the links between genetic variation, environmental factors, and disease prevention.
5. Making Decisions in the Face of UncertaintyA family's case study on genetic variation testing exemplifies difficult moral and social questions for our society.
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"We recently used the supplement with kids who aren't into science--they loved it. If it could draw them in, imagine what students who like science will do with it!" ---High School Science Teacher (Katherine)

"The students enjoyed rolling the dice and I was surprised at how seriously they took the [heart attack] game. One could hear the sighs of relief when their totals added up to less than the doomed amount of points. Their enthusiasm led us to a class discussion regarding genetic and environmental health risks." ---High School Science Teacher

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