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Instructions for Applying for an Official Passport or Renewal Using DS-82

This form can be used to apply for an Official U.S. passport when submitting a personal passport with the application OR for renewing a previously issued Official U.S. passport.

There are four criteria for using this form. Please use the following checklist to see if you are eligible to apply with a DS-82:

  1. I can submit my most recent passport.
  2. I was at least 16 years old when my most recent passport was issued.
  3. I was issued my most recent passport less than 15 years ago.
  4. I use the same name as on my most recent passport, OR, since my passport was issued, I have had my name changed by marriage or court order and can submit proper documentation to reflect my name change.

If you answered NO to any of the four statements above...STOP! You cannot use form DS-82!!! You must apply on the application form DS-11.


  • Application for Passport (DS-82) completed.Do not write in the portion "MAIL PASSPORT TO" this will be stamped by FIC.

  • Two identical photographs taken within the last six months. Photos must measure 2x2 inches on a light background. Pictures may be taken at the Clinical Center Building 10 room B2L328. Phone number is 301-496-3221. They are open on Tuesday 9am-11am, and on Thursday 3pm-4pm. Please take an "X" number with you (please see Administrative Officer).

  • Your original most recently issued personal passport must be submitted. It is State Department Regulations for them to view the personal passport. The personal passport will be held by the State Department for the duration of the process. Both personal and official passport will be returned to FIC.

  • If using this form for renewal purposes, then the original expired Official Passport must be submitted. The personal passport is not required for the renewal process.

  • If you have changed your name since your last passport was issued, provide legal documentation, i.e., a marriage licence.

  • Information Sheet

  • Visa/Passport Office
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    National Institutes of Health
    Building 31, Room B2C08
    Tel: 301-496-3441
    Fax: 301-402-1135


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