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NIH Staff Scientists/Staff Clinicians Organization
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NIH SS/SC Organization

The NIH Staff Scientists/Staff Clinicians (SS/SC) Organization was conceived in 2004 to represent more than one thousand staff scientists and clinicians at the NIH, irrespective of hiring mechanisms (e.g. GS-level, Commissioned Corps, Title42, or Contractor). Every NIH Staff Scientist and Staff Clinician is therefore represented by this organization.

In order to receive communications from the Organization, register your name on the StaffScientist-L listserv. This can be accomplished by going to: and selecting "Join or leave the list, or update options". The fields marked with an asterisk are required fields. However, we would appreciate you filling out as many fields as possible. The more information we have about our member base, the more we can tailor our events to the proper audience.

The vision of the NIH SS/SC Organization is to:

  • represent all of the NIH Staff Scientists/Staff Clinicians to Bldg 1.
  • promote networking and inter-institute collaborations.
  • create a repository of resources and expertise of SS/SC.
  • organize seminars/workshops on cutting edge or emerging technologies.
  • foster career development through seminars/workshops on management, mentoring, lab organization, databases, visa regulations for foreign scientists, etc.

The committee has just been fully populated with at least one representative from each IC that employs Staff Scientists and/or Staff Clinicians. These individuals will serve as the point of contact for their Institute and the liaison between their Institute and the Steering Committee.

Individuals on the Steering Committee can be found on the Members Page. Please contact your IC representative if you have any concerns that you feel should be addressed by the committee.


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