Bureau of Labor Statistics

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Civilian Labor Force (Seasonally Adjusted) - LNS11000000
Civilian Employment (Seasonally Adjusted) - LNS12000000
Civilian Unemployment (Seasonally Adjusted) - LNS13000000
Unemployment Rate (Seasonally Adjusted) - LNS14000000
Total Nonfarm Employment - Seasonally Adjusted - CES0000000001
Total Private Average Weekly Hours of Production Workers - Seasonally Adjusted - CES0500000007
Total Private Average Hourly Earnings of Production Workers - Seasonally Adjusted - CES0500000008


Output Per Hour - Non-farm Business Productivity - PRS85006092
Nonfarm Business Unit Labor Costs - PRS85006112
Nonfarm Business Real Hourly Compensation - PRS85006152
Private Nonfarm Business - Multifactor Productivity - MPU750023

Price Indexes

CPI for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) 1982-84=100 (Unadjusted) - CUUR0000SA0
CPI for All Urban Consumers (CPI-U) 1967=100 (Unadjusted) - CUUR0000AA0
CPI for Urban Wage Earners and Clerical Workers (CPI-W) 1982-84=100 (Unadjusted) - CWUR0000SA0
CPI-U/Less Food and Energy (Unadjusted) - CUUR0000SA0L1E
CPI-W/Less Food and Energy (Unadjusted) - CWUR0000SA0L1E
PPI Finished Goods 1982=100 (Unadjusted) - WPUSOP3000
PPI Finished Goods/Less Food and Energy (Unadjusted) - WPUSOP3500
PPI Finished Goods - Energy (Unadjusted) - WPUSOP3510
PPI Finished Goods - Food (Unadjusted) - WPUSOP3110
Imports - All Commodities - EIUIR
Exports - All Commodities - EIUIQ


Employment Cost Index (ECI) Civilian (Unadjusted) - CIU1010000000000A
ECI Private (Unadjusted) - CIU2010000000000A
ECI Private Wage and Salaries (Unadjusted) - CIU2020000000000A