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Milestones in the History of Cancer Control in Congress and at NCI


Congress enacts legislation to establish the National Cancer Institute.

Congress reaffirms its support by enacting The National Cancer Act and including specific language regarding cancer control.
NCI creates the Division of Cancer Control and Rehabilitation, the first structural unit within the Institute devoted to cancer control.
NCI forms the Division of Cancer Prevention and Control to accelerate the science of cancer control, giving a new definition to the term and a framework that describes a linear series of phases from hypothesis generation to demonstration projects.
The NCI Director and Board of Scientific Advisors convene the Cancer Control Program Review Group to assess NCI’s cancer control research program and make recommendations for the pursuit of research opportunities with the greatest potential to reduce the nation’s cancer burden.
NCI undergoes a major programmatic reorganization and establishes the Division of Cancer Control and Population Sciences.
Congress expresses interest and requests information on DCCPS scientific priorities, including cancer registries, environment and breast cancer, cancer in minorities, tobacco control and harm reduction, health communications, cancer screening technologies, 5 A Day and other nutrition programs, weight, physical activity, and cancer survivorship.
Last Updated: April 11, 2007


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