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Division of Neuroscience (DN)

The NNA Program fosters extramural research and training to further the understanding of the aging process in the structure and function of the nervous system. An area of special emphasis is brain-behavior relationships. An important component of this Program is the support of basic, clinical, and epidemiological studies of Alzheimer's disease and related dementias of aging.

The NNA Program is composed of three branches: Neurobiology, Neuropsychology, and Dementias of Aging. Overall, the Program supports a broad spectrum of research aimed at elucidating how the central nervous system and behavior are affected by normal and pathological aging. The basic theme throughout the Program is understanding the aging nervous system to minimize declines and foster improvements in the quality of life of the older population.

Research Areas

Research focusing on the neurobiology of aging, neuropsychology of aging, and the dementias of aging.  

Program Initiatives

Current priorities of NNA, including studies and research with collaborating partners.  

Current Funding Opportunities

Funding mechanisms including Requests for Applications and Program Announcements such as R21-Exploratory/Development Grants and NIH Neuroscience Blueprint initiatives:

      ●  Alzheimer's Disease Drug Development Program
      ●  Grants for Alzheimer's Disease Drug Discovery (R21)
      ●  Alzheimer's Disease Pilot Clinical Trials  

Related Conferences, Workshops, and Meetings

Brief summaries of NNA-sponsored conferences, workshops, and meetings. Contact information also is provided.  


Research resources including links to sites for Alzheimer’s disease (AD) studies with specimen repositories, genetic materials, biomarkers, data, policies on NIA and AD genetics sharing plans, and additional aging or AD related links, including the NIA’s Alzheimer’s Disease Education and Referral (ADEAR) Center publications.  

Link to the citations for PA-09-061 - Vulnerable Dendrites and Synapses in Aging and Alzheimer’s Disease (R01)

Click above to view the citations. Click here to view PA-09-061.  
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