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A New Look for the Stem Cell Web Site

You may have noticed the Stem Cell Information Web site looks a little different. You may even have taken the time to respond to our User Survey. We'd like to thank everyone who did so, and to say that we've tried hard to address your comments.

What's Changed?

We've added new content, including new pages on the two most requested topics: Research Ethics and Stem Cells and Stem Cells and Diseases.

We've also reorganized the site so it's even easier to find the information you need. And we've added a navigation bar (seen at right) to every page to help you get there faster.

Individual pages have received attention, too. The Frequently Asked Questions page groups queries by category, and the Stem Cell Basics pages feature popup glossary definitions so you can quickly look up a word without losing your place.

We hope these and other improvements throughout the site are helpful. Please continue to share your comments with us by emailing the Webmaster.