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Microarray Flowchart

Steps for Setting up a Microarray Experiment

1.  Consultation on sample size, chip type, RNA amounts and RNA extraction protocol.
2.  Download MIAME Worksheet (Excel, 24KB) fill in Users, Project, Experiment, RNA sample info pages and send to George Poy. Make appointment to meet with Michael Krause.
3.  Schedule date for microarray run. Investigator responsible for purchasing own chips. Reagent costs will be charged per sample basis
Step 1 Experimental Design Consultation Step 2 MIAME form filled out, abstract Step 3 Microarray Experiment scheduled
Step 7 Collaborations for further Bioinformatics support Step 6 Raw Data and summary available for download Step 5 Data storage and statistical analysis Step 4 Experiment QC of RNA, RNA processing
7.  Bioinformatics support beyond the standard package will need to be addressed per
user basis
6.  Access data as annotated report through EDGE web interface, or as raw files through IFS login. 5.  Data analyzed to generate various QC metrics and outlier detection. (Bioinformatic tools) 4.  Chips and RNA samples will have to be brought in at least 3 days before the scheduled experiment date.

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