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Frequently Asked Questions

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Check Assembled Application/Post Submission
  1. When will the application move forward for processing?
    After two full weekdays (Monday-Friday, excludes Federal holidays), if not explicitly rejected by the AOR/SO, the application will automatically move forward to the Division of Receipt and Referral for processing. For example, if you submit your application on Monday then you have all day Tuesday and Wednesday to view the application. The application will move forward at 12:01 a.m. ET on Thursday morning.

  2. Will the AOR/SO and PD/PI be notified to check the assembled application?
    Yes, both the AOR/SO and the PD/PI will be sent an email notification to check the application for completeness. A notification also is sent if the AOR/SO rejects the application.

  3. Can the AOR/SO “Reject” the application if the two day window falls after the submission deadline?
    Only the AOR/SO has the ability to "reject" the application within the two weekdays viewing window:
    1. to address warnings or
    2. if the assembled application in eRA Commons does not correctly reflect the submitted application package due to system issues with eRA Commons or Grants.gov (i.e. some part of the application was lost during the submission process or did not transfer correctly).

    If it is a system error, the AOR/SO should first contact the eRA Commons Helpdesk to confirm the system error, document the issue, and determine the best course of action. Applicants will not be penalized for NIH or Grants.gov system issues.

  4. Can the PD/PI have the option to “Reject” the application?
    No. The PD/PI must work through the AOR/SO to “Reject” an application.

  5. Are holidays included in the two weekday period?
    Federal holidays are excluded in the two weekday period. For example, if July 4 (Independence Day) falls during the two weekday period, it is not counted towards the two weekdays.

  6. What can I do if I find a problem after the application moves forward for processing?
    You should contact the Scientific Review Administrator assigned to your application for advice and guidance. Once the application moves to the Division of Receipt and Referral, the helpdesk staff can no longer assist with changes to the application.

  7. The bookmarks in my assembled application in eRA Commons do not work as expected; I am sometimes sent to the incorrect page. What should I do?
    This is an issue that some users have run into, especially if using Adobe Acrobat Professional. The control icons at the bottom of the Adobe display allow you to set the viewing mode to Single Page, Continuous, Continuous Facing or Facing. The default, Single Page, is the viewing mode that has given users trouble. You can click on the icons to change the viewing mode setting. We suggest using Continuous mode (just to the right of Single page mode; the Continuous mode icon shows one page on top of the other).

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