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Diabetes Presentations

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Whether in clinical practice, classroom, or workplace, managing diabetes effectively is complex and requires a team approach. Take advantage of the diabetes education resources and tools designed especially for health care professionals, school personnel, and business and managed care professionals. They were created by the experts from the NDEP and are based on the latest scientific research. Click on the links below to find out more.


Health Care Professionals

These clinical practice tools and patient education materials will help you and your patients manage the challenges of diabetes prevention and control.

School Personnel

Managing diabetes in schools requires the right information. Find tools to empower school personnel, parents, and students to ensure a safe learning environment and equal access to educational opportunities for all students with diabetes.

Business & Managed Care

As diabetes prevalence rates continue to soar, employers are becoming more concerned about diabetes prevention and control in the workplace. Find out more about what your organization can do to help its employees live longer, more productive lives.